Tolland Patch: Tolland Author Releases 2nd Book In Shelter Pet Series

A Tolland-based author has released her second book in children’s series celebrating shelter pets.”

By Chris Dehnel, Patch Staff

TOLLAND, CT — A Tolland-based author has released her second book in children’s series celebrating shelter pets. Kimberly Palmucci’s new book is entitled, “Purr-fectly Wise” and “conveys a narrative of positivity” about senior pets.

It’s the second book in Palmucci’s “Purr-fectly Lucky” series.

“Senior pets are amazing and make wonderful companions, but are often overlooked in shelter or rescue environments for a variety of reasons,” Palmucci said. “I wanted to write a story that shares why senior pets deserve all the happiness in the world.”

Palmucci said some themes in the story were inspired by her two dogs who passed away in recent years.

She said her goal was to “transform their memories into their legacies,” and added she is “on a mission” to share the joys pets bring at every age.

“I watched my dogs grow from energetic puppies into wise senior pets who offered boundless love and loyalty at all stages of their lives,” she added. “If this book can inspire even one person to consider opening their home to a senior pet, that is success to me.”

The book acts as a prequel to Palmucci’s debut book titled “Purr-fectly Lucky,” which was inspired by the true story of her three-legged cat, Meesta.

In 2011, Palmucci and Meesta’s story began at the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia. Palmucci adopted the feline after he was passed up repeatedly for his difference.

“When I made the decision to adopt Meesta, I thought I was saving him. But I realize now, it’s he who has had such a profound impact on me.,” she said. “I have had the chance to see another living being thrive through adversity. He is such a positive and loving cat. He is full of life. He is different and he is perfect in every way.”

Both books are available in paperback and eBook forms on

Palmucci said she enjoys visiting libraries, schools and more for readings and book signings. Since the release of her first book, Palmucci has teamed up with numerous nonprofit organizations that benefit children and animals. She has donated a third of her total book sales, and is currently teamed up with various Hartford-area rescue groups to help raise donations.

“I want to bring positive awareness to shelter pets, especially the ones who are overlooked,” Palmucci said. “And I want people to know that it is amazing to be different. We are all unique, we each offer a new and interesting perspective to this world, and it is our differences that should be celebrated.”

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