Hartford Courant: Tolland Author Writes Children’s Book

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Tolland Author Writes Children’s Book

Hartford Courant | Jul 03, 2019

TOLLAND — Children’s book author Kimberly Palmucci of Tolland penned a new book titled “Purr-fectly Home.” The picture story book, which was inspired by the special bond between Palmucci’s two three-legged cats, completes her children’s “Purr-fectly” series.

Palmucci adopted her first cat, Meesta, from the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia in 2011. He has three legs and was passed up in the shelter because of his difference. Meesta’s story inspired the first book in the series, Purr-fectly Lucky. And when Palmucci and her husband, Dominick, made the move from the Philadelphia suburbs to Tolland in September, she discovered inspiration once again at a local animal rescue named Monkey’s Pack.

One-year-old Princess, who inspired one of the main characters in Purr-fectly Home, had a rough start in life. According to Monkey’s Pack Cat Coordinator Kati White, who also served as Princess’s foster mom prior to her adoption, Princess was pulled from a shelter down south with her four kittens and arrived in Connecticut the same day she was slated to be euthanized.

Princess was born with a limb difference, and upon arriving in Connecticut, veterinary experts recommended removing her front left leg completely to enhance her quality of life. White said that after the surgery, Princess was a different cat—although still shy and timid, she was energetic and full of life again.

Palmucci said that immediately after Meesta and Princess met for the first time, the friendship began. Meesta even took Princess on an hour-long tour of the entire house, appearing to show the new kitten every room and location he had grown to love.

All of Palmucci’s books are available in paperback and eBook forms on Amazon.com. Since the release of her first book, Palmucci has teamed up with numerous nonprofit organizations that benefit children and animals. She has donated one-third of her total book sales, and is currently teamed up with various Hartford-area rescue groups to help raise donations, including Monkey’s Pack.

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