The Door to Fur-ever: Coming Soon

TOLLAND, Conn. – Author Kimberly Palmucci has announced that her upcoming nonfiction book inspired by real-life pet adoption stories, “The Door to Fur-ever,” is coming soon.
Originally, the book was slated for release earlier this year, but several setbacks pushed the release date. Palmucci has not yet announced a new release date, but said “it’s happening this year,” adding that she “empathizes with and hears” the readers waiting for the release and the pet parents who have shared their stories for the book.
“I can imagine how frustrating it was to hear the news that the book release had been pushed back again,” Palmucci said. “And [they] have every right to be frustrated—it’s hard when a release date is announced and then pushed back. As the author, I take responsibility for this, and I thank readers for their support, their readership, and their patience while this book is completed.”
When asked why the book’s release was pushed back, Palmucci cited several reasons, the most recent being her own limited time for writing after taking on an interim role as the editor of two newspapers.
“It’s a full-time [temporary] position while the newspapers search for a new editor, however, it takes up more of my time during the week than I had expected when agreeing to help out,” Palmucci said. “In addition to being an author, I have been a reporter for over ten years, and I have a lot of respect for the [editors] who left the newspaper…they needed some help filling this role; I help when and where I can.”
But Palmucci said she knows that readers “don’t want excuses—they want the book.”
“I hear you,” she said, addressing her readers in a recent statement. “I want you to know that this book is coming. Many pet parents have entrusted me with the delicate and inspirational stories of their four-legged (and three-legged) family members—I won’t let them down. These stories are beautiful, they are meaningful, and they deserve to be shared far and wide. The final result will be something I hope you feel was worth the wait.”

Book Description: THE DOOR TO FUR-EVER


The Door to Fur-ever is a collection of emotional, tail-wagging, harrowing, and inspirational true animal adoption and rescue stories. Inspired by her own pets, Kimberly wrote the Purr-fectly children’s series and The Wormwood Mysteries to celebrate all the qualities that make us unique; but there are countless more rescue “tails” waiting to be shared. And for these pets, the door to their fur-ever home was only one story away.

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