The Purr-fectly Collection

By Kimberly Palmucci

Inspired by true events, Kimberly Palmucci’s “Purr-fectly” series shares a narrative of kindness, friendship, and celebrating our differences. “The Purr-fectly Collection” brings together all of the original stories, plus coloring pages, bonus activities, and more.

Let’s go on an adventure—together!

Purr-fectly Lucky

By Kimberly Palmucci

Purr-fectly Lucky is inspired by the real life story of Meesta the three-legged cat and his strength, spirit, and love. Meesta and Kimberly are on a mission to spread the message that regardless of where your story begins, who you are, or what makes you special and different, everyone deserves a happy ending!

Purr-fectly Wise

By Kimberly Palmucci

Purr-fectly Wise is the second book in the series and the prequel to Purr-fectly Lucky, inspired by two unforgettable dogs who left paw prints on the hearts of everyone who knew them. Kimberly watched them grow from energetic puppies into wise senior pets who offered boundless love and loyalty at all stages of their lives. Transforming their memories into their legacies, this book shares the joys pets bring at every age.

Purr-fectly Home

By Kimberly Palmucci

Purr-fectly Home is the third book in the series and the sequel to Purr-fectly Lucky, inspired by the true story of Meesta and Princess, two three-legged cats who formed an immediate and inseparable bond. Their adventures together help each of them overcome fears and discover hidden strengths, and their journey proves that anything is possible with a new friend at your side.

Purr-fectly You

By Kimberly Palmucci

The Purr-fectly series shares a narrative of kindness, friendship, and celebrating our differences. Now, it’s your turn to showcase all the qualities that make you special, unique, and amazing! In this exciting final book of the series, Purr-fectly You offers readers an outlet for creativity and coloring fun! There’s no wrong way to color Lucky, Princess, and the Wise Cat; be proud to be purr-fectly you!

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