Purr-fectly Books Newsletter: October 2021

Purr-fectly Books Newsletter

October 2021

“Fur-ever” Release Countdown: A Message from the Author

“Hi, and welcome to the new Purr-fectly Books monthly newsletter! My upcoming nonfiction book, ‘The Door to Fur-ever,’ is slated for release in December, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for this book to finally be released. For me, sharing the story of my own pets in the ‘Purr-fectly’ series and The Wormwood Mysteries was rewarding…but with this book, I am not sharing my own stories anymore—I’m sharing your stories. And these stories are so beautiful and inspiring. There is a certain vulnerability about sharing those precious moments with a beloved pet, and I value each family that chose to participate in this book. The families and pets featured in ‘Fur-ever’ are all so different, each story with its own unique lessons, yet they are all connected by one thing—love.” – Kimberly Palmucci

The best way to stay up-to-date on the “Fur-ever” release is by following Kimberly’s social media pages and website.

Kimberly is still seeking one or two short story submissions for this book, specifically pet adoption stories that are humorous. In a recent statement, the author noted that “although the book is nearing completion, it still feels as if it’s missing a perspective that deserves to be shared…there is so much emotion in this book, yet it can only feel complete with a touch of humor as well.”

Is your pet’s story the one? Fill out the form below to submit:
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What’s New?

Hardcover books now available!

Hardcover versions of both “Wormwood” books are now available! Shop the books at purrfectlybooks.com.

New social “meow-dia” pages

The books now have their very own social media pages! Kimberly has taken a step back from social media to spend more time with family, but wanted readers to continue receiving frequent updates. These pages are dedicated specifically to the books and the cats. Follow “Purr-fectly Books” on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook @purrfectlybooks.

Coming Soon: The Purr-fectly Collection

Kimberly Palmucci recently announced that her original “Purr-fectly” picture books will be re-released this year in a special hardcover edition titled “The Purr-fectly Collection.” This edition will include all three books in the series, coloring pages, and bonus activities printed with premium colors.

“Offering a hardcover version of the Purr-fectly books became very important to me after I had my son and saw how he gravitates toward hardcovers,” Palmucci said. “The individual paperback versions will remain available, but I see now how a hardcover option will work well for many families—especially in my own home!”

This book will be available at the end of October; keep checking social media for updates on this special collection!

In-person Events: Out of an abundance of caution for her readers, Kimberly has cancelled all her in-person book signing events and will revisit this decision in January 2022. However, in the interim, her books will still be available for purchase at several upcoming regional events. Her brother, Kevin Flanders, a Massachusetts-based author, will have Kimberly’s books available for sale alongside his own titles at all of his upcoming book events. Click here to view all upcoming events: EVENTS

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